Friday, May 9, 2014

Used Car or New Car?

Used or New Car?
 By Pontius Joseph "
To start off were not technically talking about cars were talking about ladies. When you meet a woman and you learn that Maria has had a couple of ex-boyfriends in the last couple of years. Uh-oh, men automatically assume that this isn't going to work for me. I need someone that hasn't been used or rented. All I can say is "smh:, shake my head. This shouldn't be the first thing that pops into your mind because a used car doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad car.

Just because a lady has had some previous relationship experience doesn't mean she is going to be a handful. Men, you have to be willing to give the lady a chance. Don't be defensive and miss a good opportunity to be with someone that can be the best person ever in your life. Be cool, and be laid back. Sometimes the key is to be quiet, and then evaluate. Remember Silence can be the answer.

 I know we have all heard the expression, " Putting your foot in your mouth." Sometimes it is better to let ball roll, and see where it goes. For example, your in a game of bowling. You roll the ball down the alley way, and it starts to curve towards the gutter. Then suddenly it stays on the alley way, and curves back over to the middle pin. The ball knocks down all the pins. Sometimes you have to be patient, and wait to see what actually happens. A lot of men speak to quickly and what was said wasn't needed. Try actually waiting until you get to the second or third round to make your decision if the car is a good or bad car.

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