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BJ Joseph At it Again!! AKA DJBJ!

BJ Joseph IVThis just in!!

DJBJ (The Actor BJ Joseph  has just released  his remixed version




Exclusive from Pontius Joseph

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What Do you Really Know About the Author?

Come learn about the Author Pontius Joseph in one of his exclusive interviews with
BookReader Magazine!!
As he talks about The Book A Gentleman with A C.S.L:  A young gentlemen's guide to dating & relationships.

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Check out the webpage for the Exclusive radio shows about  the Author Pontius Joseph. The American author, poet, and filmmaker.


Second Featured Book - C.S.L

Check out the Feature Book on the next website!!

It's all about C.S.L!\

Thank you very much  bookgoodies!!!

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Featured Book

Check out the book : A Gentleman with a C.S.L

Featured on Awesome Gang

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Love hate wrath

Control the mind with patience and you will control your future with happiness.

-Pontius Joseph

Love,Hate, and Wrath goes slowly away with patience.


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Today's inspirational words! Value the time you spend with others

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Vacation Time Coming!!

Summer is officially on the way!!

Start making plans to travel, and see the world!!

Cheap O air seems to have a good special ..

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Living life as a Gentleman

Living the life as a Gentleman

Living the life as a gentleman can be very difficult. The life of a gentleman can or cannot coexist in today society?

More details coming soon on the new book to come!

11.96 sale on A Gentleman with a C.S.L

The sale is still on for the book

A Gentleman with a C.S.L

Check it out

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“Sometimes doubting your first thought, will cost you more for going with your second thought.”
Pontius Joseph



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Speaking at the Elementary school*Update*

Speaking at the Elementary School
By Pontius Joseph

The event was very intriguing. The young people there are very intelligent, and articulate.
The young people were very attentive and very respectable. I enjoyed talking to them
about being an author and the work that goes into being an author. I asked
an individual there to read my a poem, and she asked do you want  me to read the first stanza?
I smiled and said you know what a stanza is? Without hesitation she began to read her
poem to me. All the individuals in the classroom were very poetic, and they were taught
very well. 
I left the young people with some encouraging words. I said to them " do something that you
would do for free, and sometimes it can be in front of you the entire time!

If asked to come again to the school. I would respond I would be delighted, what time?

I am an official author on Booklikes now. Check me out!

PJ Joseph

Booklikes Author

Goodreads Author

Speaking Event

This morning im headed to go speak to this elementary school about my career as an author with other colleagues! !

Monday, May 12, 2014

GameChangers Show with Guest Pontius Joseph- Movie Chasing Jagger starring Actor BJ Joseph

May 10, 2014 LOVE 860 AM GameChangers with Lisa Faulkner
The Audio from Love 860am GameChangers with Lisa Faulkner is now available on the Highlight shows tab.

 Tremendous Show that Pontius Joseph did. The Author Pontius Joseph talks about his Film Chasing Jagger with the Star BJ Joseph (Benjamin Joseph).

BJ Joseph (Benjamin  Joseph) is a talented DJ, Movie Producer, Model, and Actor. Benjamin Joseph is Pontius Joseph older brother. We discuss the  book A Gentleman with a C.S.L: a young gentlemen's guide to dating & relationships.
Pontius Joseph speaks about the role of a man in the dating & relationship, and what the role of a gentleman is supposed to be in a dating & relationship.

Check the actor out in his movie EXCLUSIVELY

at :

BJ Joseph Facebook: Click Here

 By PJ Joseph

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Google+ profile

Hello! ! Check out the new page! !!

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By PJ Joseph

Today is for Mother's

You should be a great Mother Lover Today!!!!

All mothers need love!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Gentlemen knows how to treat a Lady

Gentleman Knows How to Treat a Lady
By Pontius Joseph

A Gentleman knows how to treat a lady great not only on her birthday.
Men you must know how to embrace, indulge, and give appreciation to a lady.
 How you embrace a lady is with your words. For example, good evening my lady.
Not addressing a lady as a girl would definitely be a great start. Treat the a
woman with respect. Begin to indulge with a lady by showing spending time
with her, and applying your behavior as a gentleman would. For example,
today is your ladies only off day for the week. If you can, take off work to
spend time with her. Show the lady that you care about her. Show the lady
 that you value the time you spend together with her.  Appreciate a lady
by doing what other men will not do. By simply opening a door for a lady.
Opening a door for a lady does not just kindness, but appreciation of a lady.
Even if you don't know the lady, just being opening a door for a lady can show
that you are a gentleman that values a lady.

In my opinion, a lady should never touch a door, lift heavy items, or depending on
the weather & situation hold an umbrella.


Getting a lady is easy, keeping a lady is clever.

                                                                          Pontius Joseph
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Goodreads Author page

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Have a Happy Mother's Day

Have a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in the World! Today is your day!!! Enjoy today with a Smile! Men be a Gentleman more than any other today to your lady!! She will definitely appreciate it!! REMEMBER C.S.L!!! The book is on SALE!!! Click the Link: Sale www.the HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!


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Gamechangers Show was GREAT!

The show went great! I will post the segment when it comes available!! Until then go ahead and get the book at 25% off now at Only website for the sale

Tune in Love 860am

Im on the show now

Tune in Atlanta residents! !!!

Getting Ready to RUMBLE!!!! TONIGHT 6PM-7PM!

The author Pontius Joseph is getting ready to go on the radio show


I'll be a guest on the show discussing the new book

A Gentleman with a C.S.L: a young gentlemen's guide to dating & relationships.

The book will be on sale for the show for $11.96 for All the listeners, and page viewers
that view today & tomorrow!!!





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Check out my goodreads author profile!!!

Pontius Joseph post a lot of great quotes on there all the time. It is a great way for him to the express his true character!



"Forever Ready in Every Needless Despair.”

                                       Quoted By    Pontius Joseph

A Gentleman with a C.S.L: a young gentlemen's guide to dating & relationships

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“Doing what's right, last for life,
Doing what's wrong, only last for so long.”
By    Pontius Joseph

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Goodreads profile

Booklikes Coming soon! !

Pontius Joseph will be on the booklikes website very soon! !!
In the talks of having a fan group, and possibly giveaways

Used Car or New Car?

Used or New Car?
 By Pontius Joseph "
To start off were not technically talking about cars were talking about ladies. When you meet a woman and you learn that Maria has had a couple of ex-boyfriends in the last couple of years. Uh-oh, men automatically assume that this isn't going to work for me. I need someone that hasn't been used or rented. All I can say is "smh:, shake my head. This shouldn't be the first thing that pops into your mind because a used car doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad car.

Just because a lady has had some previous relationship experience doesn't mean she is going to be a handful. Men, you have to be willing to give the lady a chance. Don't be defensive and miss a good opportunity to be with someone that can be the best person ever in your life. Be cool, and be laid back. Sometimes the key is to be quiet, and then evaluate. Remember Silence can be the answer.

 I know we have all heard the expression, " Putting your foot in your mouth." Sometimes it is better to let ball roll, and see where it goes. For example, your in a game of bowling. You roll the ball down the alley way, and it starts to curve towards the gutter. Then suddenly it stays on the alley way, and curves back over to the middle pin. The ball knocks down all the pins. Sometimes you have to be patient, and wait to see what actually happens. A lot of men speak to quickly and what was said wasn't needed. Try actually waiting until you get to the second or third round to make your decision if the car is a good or bad car.

Resources: A Gentleman with a C.S.L: a young gentlemen's guide to dating & relationships
By Pontius Joseph
Buy now

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Get the newest book!!!!! A Gentleman with a C.S.L A young gentlemen's guide to dating & relationships

Reading, Thinking, and Writing

Reading, Thinking, and Writing

By Pontius Joseph

 A lot of things are considered when you want to begin to write books. A lot of the time. It considers a lot of innovative thinking before the writing process begins. Is there a direct way to be efficient in writing a book? That is the question! Althought, you can begin to make a layout of what you want to write about.

You can begin by writing down one sentence on individual index cards. Basically, the sentence is the subject of the paragraph, and now you have something to write about. It takes a little time, but do not give up hope. Patience is needed a lot during the writing process. Let's be honest! All the elements you want to write about does not come all at once. The inspiration of what your writing comes day by day, month by month, and sometimes year by year.
The key is to be patient. Patience is a virtue.

You may gain inspiration to write about something from what you read, something that you see that makes you think, and maybe something that you have written down on paper. My suggestions to more effective writing would be to utilize your mobile devices.
1. Send a text to yourself, or an alternative phone.
2. Save the writing on app on you android or mobile device.
3. Take a picture of what makes you think about something that makes you write.
4. Put your thoughts on a post-it, or sticky note.
5. Repeat the thought in your head in your head repetivitely.
6. Make the thought into a poem or song. These are all good suggestions to capture your writing, and preserve it.


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