Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Speaking at the Elementary school*Update*

Speaking at the Elementary School
By Pontius Joseph

The event was very intriguing. The young people there are very intelligent, and articulate.
The young people were very attentive and very respectable. I enjoyed talking to them
about being an author and the work that goes into being an author. I asked
an individual there to read my a poem, and she asked do you want  me to read the first stanza?
I smiled and said you know what a stanza is? Without hesitation she began to read her
poem to me. All the individuals in the classroom were very poetic, and they were taught
very well. 
I left the young people with some encouraging words. I said to them " do something that you
would do for free, and sometimes it can be in front of you the entire time!

If asked to come again to the school. I would respond I would be delighted, what time?

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