Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gentlemen knows how to treat a Lady

Gentleman Knows How to Treat a Lady
By Pontius Joseph

A Gentleman knows how to treat a lady great not only on her birthday.
Men you must know how to embrace, indulge, and give appreciation to a lady.
 How you embrace a lady is with your words. For example, good evening my lady.
Not addressing a lady as a girl would definitely be a great start. Treat the a
woman with respect. Begin to indulge with a lady by showing spending time
with her, and applying your behavior as a gentleman would. For example,
today is your ladies only off day for the week. If you can, take off work to
spend time with her. Show the lady that you care about her. Show the lady
 that you value the time you spend together with her.  Appreciate a lady
by doing what other men will not do. By simply opening a door for a lady.
Opening a door for a lady does not just kindness, but appreciation of a lady.
Even if you don't know the lady, just being opening a door for a lady can show
that you are a gentleman that values a lady.

In my opinion, a lady should never touch a door, lift heavy items, or depending on
the weather & situation hold an umbrella.


Getting a lady is easy, keeping a lady is clever.

                                                                          Pontius Joseph
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