Friday, May 9, 2014

Reading, Thinking, and Writing

Reading, Thinking, and Writing

By Pontius Joseph

 A lot of things are considered when you want to begin to write books. A lot of the time. It considers a lot of innovative thinking before the writing process begins. Is there a direct way to be efficient in writing a book? That is the question! Althought, you can begin to make a layout of what you want to write about.

You can begin by writing down one sentence on individual index cards. Basically, the sentence is the subject of the paragraph, and now you have something to write about. It takes a little time, but do not give up hope. Patience is needed a lot during the writing process. Let's be honest! All the elements you want to write about does not come all at once. The inspiration of what your writing comes day by day, month by month, and sometimes year by year.
The key is to be patient. Patience is a virtue.

You may gain inspiration to write about something from what you read, something that you see that makes you think, and maybe something that you have written down on paper. My suggestions to more effective writing would be to utilize your mobile devices.
1. Send a text to yourself, or an alternative phone.
2. Save the writing on app on you android or mobile device.
3. Take a picture of what makes you think about something that makes you write.
4. Put your thoughts on a post-it, or sticky note.
5. Repeat the thought in your head in your head repetivitely.
6. Make the thought into a poem or song. These are all good suggestions to capture your writing, and preserve it.


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