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April 4, 2014 KBYR Alaska
Glen Biegel Show

This is the audio from the News & Comment
with Glen Biegel 700 KBYR Alaska.
Very good segment of the early morning show.
The segment talks about dating & relationships.
The topic "is Chivalry dead"?
Another topic from the show was the discussion
of "The Emotional Toll" from my book A
Gentleman with a C.S.L.: a young gentlemen's
guide to dating & relationships. 


May 10, 2014 LOVE 860 AM
GameChangers with Lisa Faulkner

The Audio from Love 860am GameChangers
with Lisa Faulkner.
Tremendous Show that Pontius  Joseph
did. The Author Pontius Joseph  talks about his
Film Chasing Jagger with the Star Benjamin Joseph.Benjamin
                                            Benjamin Joseph facebook
Joseph is a talented DJ, Movie Producer, Model, and Actor.
Joseph is Pontius Joseph older brother. , and the book
A Gentleman with a C.S.L: a young gentlemen's guide to
dating & relationships. Pontius Joseph speaks about the
role of a man in the dating & relationship, and what the role
of a gentleman is supposed to be in a dating & relationship.

Author Pontius Joseph On Get It Together Girl Radio Show

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